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Re: Feature?

ghaverla@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca writes:

> Hi!
>   I'm just getting involved with Debian, been a Slackware
> and then SuSE person up till now.  I am trying to change over
> from SuSE to Debian on a machine I have, that has 2 SCSI
> controllers.  Under SuSE, the Symbios 53C875 based card
> is seen first, and so my bootable SCSI disk is /dev/sda.
> In trying to install Debian on top of this previous
> SuSE installation (mostly removed now), I find that
> now the Buslogic controller is seen first, and since
> I currently have a single SCSI Zip attached to that
> controller, all my SCSI disks have advanced up one
> drive letter.  What I am going to do is to disconnect

When you install your own kernel, make one in the kernel and one as
module. The modules driver will be recognised second.

> that controller and install without it (putting all
> the various drive letters where they "should be"
> according to the fstab.  I don't know if your boot-floppies
> package should consider this, but I thought you might
> be interested.
>   The other thing which seems to be happening is that
> I actually have multiple partitions (/var and /boot
> are their own partitions) and I've been manually
> mounting those on console 2 while playing with your
> boot floppies package.  I had this same problem
> with SuSE and yast, so I was expecting this.

If you do this before installing the Operating system (kernel and
modules) you will be given a list of currently mounted partitions,
which normaly include hand mounted partitions (when mounted under

But their is normaly no need to mount anything by hand.

May the SOurce be with you.

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