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Re: own kernel, bootfloppy :(((

On Tue, Nov 30, 1999 at 05:20:02PM +0100, Dietmar Enzinger wrote:

> hi
> i'm trying to create my own install-floppy for debian linux with a
> kernel i compiled for my server (dual pentium, gdt raidyne raid scsi
> host, some eisa devices...). i tried to copy the kernel on the existing
> boot-floppy image (resc1440.bin) using the loop-device, then writing it
> to a disk. when i try to boot with that disk, the kernel is unable to
> find the initrd-image (root.bin) and halts my system. on the original
> bootdisk there was a textfile saying something about costum kernels:
> just copy it on the disk and run some shell-script (which wrote a wrong
> boot-sector to the computer where i prepared the kernel - had to rerun
> lilo).
> please tell me, how to install a costum kernel - just a kernel and not
> anything else - on the debian bootdisk.

  Use the following procedure (I hope the filenames are correct ;):

      /dev/fd0 : boot-disk (rescue disk 1)
      myownkernel : your kernel image

    # mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt
    # cp myownkernel /mnt/linux
    # (cd /mnt;./rdev.sh)
    # umount /mnt


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