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Re: Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies andersee

> I asked about this a while back when testing the "*_test:" rules in
> dbootstrap.  It segfaults because it can't find the *.trm files on your
> installation.  Somebody who understands this i18n stuff will hopefully
> fix it. :)

Enrique, please help. 

What i understand is, that pointerize replace the MAKROS from each file
in dbootstrap/* into the one from the *.po file, correct?

For C we have then *.c with the english language, for 'es' we have then only *.c
with spanish. Could we avoid this? What is the best way to compile all the
files without pointerize? 

What i would like to have is following:

 1. compile dbootstrap   (without pointerize and any specific $LANG.po)
 2. official boot-floppies
 3. User start install process
 4. First menu-box is the question for the language
 5. we copy this selected language (trm file) into /target/tmp or any other
    directory (ramdisk or harddisk)
 6. and load this trm file (or only parts of it)
 7. Setup is now in the Users  native language
 8. ... monochrome / color  menu-box, ... 



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