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Where are the bootimages supposed to go on CD/archive?

The current boot-floppies create a few .tar.gz files together with an unpack
script. This will result in a
directory structure.

dbootstrap however will look for base2_2.tgz in

The following patch needs to be applied to correct this (untested)

--- choose_medium.c.orig	Tue Nov 23 17:49:34 1999
+++ choose_medium.c	Tue Nov 23 17:49:57 1999
@@ -251,8 +251,8 @@
-  sprintf(prtbuf,"%s/stable/main/disks-%s/current/%s",mountpoint,ARCHNAME,
+  sprintf(prtbuf,"%s/stable/main/disks-%s/current/common/%s",mountpoint,ARCHNAME,
   if (NAME_ISREG( prtbuf,&statbuf)) {
-    sprintf(prtbuf,"%s/stable/main/disks-%s/current/%s",mountpoint,ARCHNAME,drivers_filename);
+    sprintf(prtbuf,"%s/stable/main/disks-%s/current/common/%s",mountpoint,ARCHNAME,drivers_filename);
     if ( (disqtype != kernel) || (NAME_ISREG( prtbuf,&statbuf)) ){


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