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Re: image file names (was Re: boot-floppies tasks)

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

> rescue image & drivers archive names are build dynamically from several boot
> infos, like boot args, kernel revision, processor type,...  They are somewhat
> architecture specific (except for the kernel revision feature).
> For example, when tecra is passed on kernel command line (I hope syslinux do
> that for tecra bootdisks), dbootstrap is searching for resc1440tecra.bin &
> driverstecra.tgz.  Take a look at setup_image_names() in main.c.

Yes -- but recall there is no tecra anymore.  But point taken.

The way to have syslinux do this automatically is to stuff a slightly
different syslinux conf flie on the rescue.bin images for those
subarchitectures.  I note that sun4u for instance checks for subarch
dynamically from proc.  I suppose alpha and m68k can do this as well?

> Adam Di Carlo writes:
> > But I haven't heard any word from porters (m68k, alpha, powerpc,
> > sparc) on how they feel on this, nor have I utterly gone thru the
> > details on how we could implement this for file searching in
> > dbootstrap.
> sparc is providing 2 set of rescue/drivers disks: one for sun4[cdm] and one for
> sun4u (ultrasparc).  The former have no suffix hardcoded in names (just
> resc1440.bin and drv14-1.bin) and the latter contain -sun4u part
> (resc1440-sun4u.bin, drv14-sun4u-1.bin, ...).

BTW, I note we have sun4c kernels in base... will that be a subarch?

> We could put them under sparc/ and ultra/ subdirectories:
>   sparc/rescue.bin
>   sparc/drivers.tgz
>   ultra/rescue.bin
>   ultra/drivers.tgz
>   ...
> But sparc is also distributed with many network boot files:
>  tftpboot.img           boot both sun4[cdm] & sun4u
>  tftpboot-noultra.img   boot only sun4[cdm]
>  linux                  a.out kernel (sun4[cdm]) for tftp boot+nfsroot
>  linux-sun4u            a.out kernel (sun4u) for tftp boot+nfsroot
>  root.tar.gz            nfsroot archive to put on some server
> Where those files will go in your name scheme?

Ok, my scheme is now:


And this goes in 'dists/unstable/main/disks-sparc' as per usual.
So for spare we would have:

  # stuff that applies to all arches
  common/tftpboot.img  # should be in common subdir?
  common/root.tar.gz   # should be in common subdir?

  # sun4[cdm] only
  sun4cdm/common/tftpboot.img # was tftpboot-noultra.img
  sun4cdm/disks-1.44/driver-2.bin ...
  sun4cdm/disks-1.44/base-1.bin ...

  # sun4u only
  sun4u/disks-1.44/driver-2.bin ...
  sun4u/disks-1.44/base-1.bin ...

Is this too many directories?  Obviously a downside here is that we
don't have single directories with all the needed stuff in it...

Obviously, dbootstrap would need a "fallback system":

  * look for [special/][subarch/]disks/file
  * look for [special/][subarch/]common/file
  * look for [special/]common/file
  * look for common/file

Is this sounding functional or ... ?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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