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Bug#50908: For help

[Please retain the CC to 50908@bugs.debian.org]

>It did work, but "No hard disk drive could be found.", surgesting me
>"installing the system on a diskless workstation". I also tried to
>boot from hard disk by "loadlin", the same thing happened. Some
>messages on the screen flash out quickly, I cann't catch them.  I
>think the problem is that I use "PromiseUltra66 IDE Controller" card
>between the hard disk and the systemboard. But I really can use the
>hard disk when boot DOS operating system wothout the driver of
>Ultra66. I don't know why? maybe I need a boot disk that includes the
>driver of Ultra66 to start the installing of Linux.

Yes... Apparently, we need a special patch to deal with this model.
Herbert Xu said he would make a kernel available with this patch
applied.  We in boot-floppies will need to take this patch and make a
different flavor of rescue disk from it.

> Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au> writes:
> > It's the IDE controller, it needs Andre Hedrick's patch.  I'll put up a
> > kernel-image-newide with that patch applied and you (or someone else) can
> > make it available on the bootdisk.

So -- this may take a few weeks.  What i suggest, if possible, is that
you find that patch, build a 2.0.36 kernel with that patch on another
machine, replace the kernel on the Rescue Disk that you made, and try

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