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Re: data-dumper missing? (Re: request that base gets testing by test groups

On Friday 19 November 1999, at 11 h 18, the keyboard of Joey Hess 
<joeyh@debian.org> wrote:

> The list is:
> > > >IPC::Open2
> > > >IPC::Open3
> > > >Data::Dumper (non-XS version only) -- probably not needed now
> > > >Text::Wrap (depends on Text::Tabs)

OK, just to be sure and to remind everybody of what's need to be done, I've 
filled in bugs #50552 and #50937 about that (and they are release-critical). I 
believe all perl-related bugs have been reported, we just have to close them 

Please refer to these bugs when testing perl-base.

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