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Multiple language support


I have added utilities/language-chooser directory in the boot-floppies' tree.
This directory contains:
    --  a set of files describing different language environments (yes, yes,
        these are environments: locale, font, keymap (and message catalog for
        dbootstrap program))
    --  lang.h file
        This file contains declaration of all structures used, and a prototype
        for the only needed exportable function.
    --  a program called pl.py (parse languages).
        It depends on python-xml as I use XML as the file format.  This program
        reads environment defitions and creates a .c file (langs.c) that
        contains all information in needed format (see lang.h) and defines that
        needed function
    --  lc.c program
        This program makes use of environment defintions and provide the user
        with a menu where it's possible to select any of defined environments
    --  list.c program
        This program allows to get a list of defined environments from the
        linked-in file.
    --  bf-localization.sgml file
        Assorted notes about localization of boot-floppies


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