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Re: data-dumper missing? (Re: request that base gets testing by test groups

Le Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 12:55:46PM +0100, Stephane Bortzmeyer écrivait:
> > A script with "use POSIX" will fail.
> OK, it means POSIX is not in perl-base.

No, POSIX is in perl-5.005-base. But some files (autosplit.ix at least)
are missing.

> * Is it a problem? For who?

POSIX is needed for the i18n of perl script from the base system (adduser
comes to my mind)

> Again, is it a bug? It's a problem for debconf, sure (even the tiny
> version uses Data::Dumper) but for who else?

Well, debconf will go in base so the Data::Dumper module must go in base.

> Should I fill in a bug against perl-5.005-base asking for POSIX and
> Data::Dumper? 

If such a bug is not yet filled yes. And explain to Darren, that they
should be corrected rapidly in order to let people test further
the new boot floppies. I can NMU the perl packages in order to correct
this if Darren can't do it ...

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