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Re: Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies koptein

> > Log message:
> > lang + mouse also for main.c
> Hmm...  Where is lang.h file?

 Not that easy ... 

What i'll do :

 1. bootargs.lang  is the placeholder for the selected language by the user
    (done in main.c and dbootstrap.h)
 2. add a file 'choose_lang.c' to utilities/dbootstrap
    (currently only localy)
 3. popup a menu before is-mono / is-color is called 
    (called from main.c per  set_lang(bootargs.lang); )
 4. lang is then defined and saved in bootargs.lang
 5. and then ... hmmmm, then begins the hard part ... we must use then the 
    correct language file and for this we must know how to use it
     switch(bootargs.lang) {
        case C: .....   (or case LANG_ENGLISH:)
        case de: .....  (or case LANG_GERMAN:)

    all compiled in  or dynamic  ??

I do now only the basic stuff, if we know what we want we just jump into the
right case <LANG>  and ready. 

 BTW: many english text is hardcoded in the c-files. 



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