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Re: naive suggestion re: i18n?

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>Well, we *might* have enough play on the rootdisk to include multiple
>.trm files.  They are quite small, no?

>Of course, there are *charset* issues too which are much much harder
>to cope with.	I would like to assume, of course, whatever standard
>8-bit console which Linux and all the tools can deal with for now...

>> Is there some plan to release "multi-language"
>> disks after Potato?

>As soon as we have a viable plan, I don't see what's holding us back...

At this point I think that the best solution will be suggested by 
our boot-floppies hackers, but if Potato already have it language 
selection (before release notes screen), Debian will have a great 
increase in the number of users. 

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