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Re: Bug#47913: console-tools-libs: Priority required causes dselect problems on serial console machines

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > > > Actually, ATM, we have console-data in base, but not console-tools*.
 > > > Maybe this is a problem...
 > >
 > >Probably.  You may note I'm not quite at ease with the notion of a
 > >"base" section anyway.  I just checked in the policy and packaging
 > >manual, to refresh in my mind the official statements about this, but
 > >could not even find them.  Could someone here point me to the right
 > >doc ?
 > Base doens't have a doc.  It is defined as the packages which are in
 > baseX_Y.tgz as defined by the boot-floppies, that's all.  Obviously,
 > it should be a stand-alone mini-distro.

But is even a mini-distro needed ?  Wouldn't a simple "Base: yes" tag
be sufficient ?  Or can't we just rely on the choices made by the boot
team ?

Both solutions (mini-distro and "boot-team-driven selection") would
allow us to use decent sectionning for this software.  "Section: base"
is really confusing to new users, AFAICT !

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