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Re: [sls@datamart.com: Base14-10.bin is broken?]

> While attempting to install Debian 2.2 onto a Toshiba Satellite 2545CDS, I
> got as far as Base14-10.bin, which is disk 10 of 12. The installer detects
> that disk 10 is disk 1. I tried re-downloading from a different site, but
> that didn't work. I have been using rawrite2 to write each of my floppy
> images to disk. Any ideas?

Sounds like a dbootstrap bug.  Maybe it can't handled 2-digit
base14-XX.bin file names.

Was this using the 2.2.1 set?

Guys, please be sure to report problems directly to the debian-boot
list, or else file a bug against boot-floppies.

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