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Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
Module name:	boot-floppies
Changes by:	aph	1999-11-13 11:45:08

Modified files:
	.              : rootdisk.sh 

Log message:
aesthetics; run makedev all at once and not one at a time (much
faster); prototype/bin/ps renamed to 'lazybox', some extra commands
for that removed; add more checking for failure after subshell;
elminate subshells where possible

strip from root staging area -- before we were just stripping
extracted files.  I don't know what I might be breaking with this

I was able to build using this version on sparc, although I had to
bump up the root image size from 3000 to 3200....

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