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Re: Do we need insmod/rmmod?

Erik Andersen <andersen@xmission.com> writes:

> I looks like the stock modutils-2.3.6 version of modprobe compiled with
> "-Os" and when not compiling in insmod/rmmod weighs in at 44k (vs 62k
> for the stock debian modutils version). I could probably strip modprobe
> down a bit further by removing some more obscure features.
> So I have several questions:
> 1) Would using something other than the stock debian modutils cause
>     anybody heartburn?

Well, more software to maintain "forked" is heartburn...

> 2) Would anybody freak if rmmod and insmod arn't on the boot disk?
>     (or perhaps were kludged with silly modprobe -r and modprobe wrappers).

I think we'd need the little "insmod/rmmod" wrapper thingies.

> 3) What do folks consider to be the essential feature set for modprobe
>     to do what the boot floppies need?

I think if we go this route, you could strip out the config file
stuff, don't you think so?  'autocleaning' isn't very relevant either.
The only options which seem useful, in fact, are:

       -l, --list
       -n, --show
       -q, --quiet
       -r, --remove

And maybe:
       -v, --verbose

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