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boot-floppies/*.sh status

I've reworked (I think) all the *.sh scripts.  There are still many
conditions where errors are not triggering an exit, which is very very
very bad in my book.  However, aside from the fact that lilo is broken
broken broken, boot-floppies do seem to be building properly.

I guess it's questionable why I bothered reworking the scripts -- most
changes were just cosmetics in code and in output format.  But I think
its much more visible now where we were when things go wrong, it's
much less spammy, etc.  Also, I probably reduced a good number of
lines of code and things are a bit more maintainable now.

I guess our next tasks are to start running the built versions and fix
problems, i.e., with rcS and all that.  Perhaps at that point when
things are generally working we'll burn 2.2.2.  Hopefully the major
new features (apt configurator, anxious, debconf in base, base
installation via http/ftp) will come in 2.2.3 or soon after, and we
can start chewing thru the bugs.

That's my plan anyhow...

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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