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Re: naive suggestion re: i18n?

Martin Schulze wrote:
>> instead of having one set of boot floppies that contain all the 
>>differnet language strings, is it possible to split up the image so 
>>that we have a disk image for each supported language? is that too 
>>much work to be worth  the effort? it seems like we can realize 
>>significant savings there...

>It's not too much work but too much space.

>7 arch's, 20 subarch's, 10 languages, multiply that with 1.44MB

I know that all currently boot-floppies development is 
being concentrated in it work but some are being 
discussed about install disks for languages 
other than English (i18n install disks). 

Today the currently boot-floppies version is 
monolanguage (one set of disks to each language).

Is there some plan to release "multi-language"
disks after Potato?

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