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Re: Current CVS builds AND runs (sorta)

>Sorry for the late reply.  I ran in a lot of troubles with my PC box
>this week, so I don't even have had time to read my emails :( I
>bought a new 13Gb HD where I can store the full Debian mirror
>(binary-sparc & sources now and binary-i386 soon).  I'm back now and
>in the middle of updating my CVS tree with the latest.  Will start
>working again on sparc bootdisk today...

Cool.  Note that only alpha and sparc still use drivers.sh.  I'd like
to remove that script -- it's deprecated.

>About ldconfig.new, it's the ldconfig program upacked from ld.so
>before running its configuration script which moves it to ldconfig.
>It is put in the rootdisk It is only needed at build time by
>rootdisk.sh to write new ld.so.cache after libs were processed.  but
>is left on the image for architectures that don't support small libs.
>You can remove it with no trouble at all.

Yes, we're already removing it by hand in rescue.sh I believe.  Not
sure if this show be moved to scripts/rescue/ where the other stuff

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