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[boot-floppies init.c patch] Bad PROM

Fabien, such requests should be sent direct to Debian boot.

Eric, did we get this already?

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I have got a nice SS10 with 2 processor but the PROM is invalid.
I can boot boot SunOS but Linux don't want :(

The kernel could'nt get the PROM version and halt.

Is there somebody who can compile a kernel for a Debian rescue disk
with this patch applied ?

--- init.c.orig Sun Nov  7 20:07:04 1999
+++ init.c      Sun Nov  7 20:08:41 1999
@@ -67,7 +67,8 @@
                prom_printf("PROMLIB: Bad PROM version %d\n",
-               prom_halt();
+               prom_vers = PROM_V3;
+               //prom_halt();

arrrg $100 for a PROM in France ... :((
Fabien Seisen seisen@linuxfr.org http://seisen.linuxfr.org dakol@IRCNET

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