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Re: dac960 devices on boot-floppies

nf <nf@marginal.net> writes:

> are there any alternatives to the initrd approach? i'm fairly certain redhat
> uses initrd for it's install disks (as well as the normal booting, ick),

Yes, they do.

> so
> investigating that might be of some interest.

The time for investigation is long gone.  The time for implementation
is now.  Initrd will not be in potato.

> building rescue/drivers disks can be a real pain, especially whe you don't
> have a current installation of the distribution to build it on.

It's absolutely trivial to replace kernels on a rescue disk.

> might providing a simpler means to replace kernel/drivers on the
> rescue/drivers disks without rebuilding the entire boot-floppies be
> an avenue we can persue?

That avenue already exists.  See above.  Read the install manual,
the section about replacing the kernel.

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