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dbootstrap now working, busybox needs serial con change.

After a short delay to fight a virus, I squashed the last known (to me)
dbootstrap bug.  I can now go through a full install successfully until

There is one small problem with busybox (a bug report for Erik here).  On
a serial console system, busybox's log mechanism is not real friendly yet.
It whenever the run() calls are used it logs the "pid ? exited." messages
to ttyS0 which spams the running dbootstrap.  Since busybox already has
primary and secondary ser console called out up front, it should log these
kind of messages to the ttyS1 if it is available (yes, there are systems
with only one serial port these days) or send them to /dev/null if only
one serial port exists.  Alternatively, this could be a build option where
in the case of dbootstrap we would junk the messages, other applications
may want the primary serial console or VT console to be sent those

Matt Porter
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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