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Bug#49605: Russ Dijak: Re(2): Bug#49605: problems

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On Mon, Nov 8, 1999, Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:

>Russ Dijak <r.dijak@monotype.net> writes:
>> Package: boot-floppies
>> Version: 2.1
>> architecture: m68k
>> model: mac
>> memory: 20M
>> cd-rom:       Panasonic SCSI
>> network:      built-in ethernet
>> I've installed the base system on both models but I can't get the
>> ethernet to work. I can ping the machine itself but it doesn't recognize
>> the network or anything beyond itself.
>Is your eth0 device up and running at all?  Was your ethernet device
>recognized by the kernel?
>> I'm assuming this is why it won't install any packages beyond the base
>> system. I tried to install server-std and I get kernel panic: virtual
>> address errors or it just hangs.

I noticed at the bottom of my ifconfig output it says INTERUPT: 14 , and
and my other linux machine (linuxPPC) does not have this. I remember
seeing something about this somewhere; web site?

- -- 
Thanks for your help,
Russ Dijak

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