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Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies andersee

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
Module name:	boot-floppies
Changes by:	andersee	1999-11-05 22:38:30

Modified files:
	utilities/busybox: Changelog Makefile df.c gzip.c internal.h 
	                   ln.c mount.c mtab.c utility.c zcat.c 

Log message:
Update to busybox 0.33.
* Fixed a bug where init could hang instead of rebooting.
* Removed some debugging noise from init.c
* Fixed ln so it works now (it was very broken).
* Fixed df so it won't segfault when there is no /etc/fstab,
* If BB_MTAB is not defined, df and mount will whine if /etc/fstab
is not installed (since they cannot fixup "/dev/root" to
state the real root device name)
* merged some redundant code from mtab.c/df.c into utility.c
Thanks to Matt Porter for finding bugs!
-Erik Andersen

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