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Still problems with boot-floppies


I'm still having problems with boot-floppies wrt. pointerize.

Currently I'm trying the smallest example I could find:


To find the problem, set TESTLANG to something else than C or es.

I've done some debugging and saw that in boxes.c

        msg = _("Debian GNU/Linux System Installation");
        newtDrawRootText((w-strlen(msg))/2, -5, msg);

is called with msg==NULL.

The first line gets expanded to 

        msg = (translation[94]);

Since the installation routine must not crash with a segfault there
are now three possibilities to fix the problem:

 a) Fix newt to not crash when called with NULL strings

    Should be done anyway, will only move the problem.

 b) Add a MACRO around each incarnation of translation so it will
    contain an empty string instead of NULL

 c) Fix pointerize to prepare an array of empty strings instead
    of NULL.




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