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Bug#49223: boot-floppy instructions: Special HD Partitioning for Win2000

Previously Geoffrey L. Brimhall wrote:
> Here's the strict partitioning: A hard disk can have only 1 Primary
> partition, and the rest of the hard drive must be allocted under an extended
> partition. Within these extended partitions, you can have as many logical
> paritions as you like.

This was pretty much how you were always supposed to partition your disk
anyway. That multiple primary partitions worked was probably more luck
then design.

> Win2k needs to be in the primary partition. Debian Linux (with the two
> partitions needed for swap and ext2 filesystems) needs to be in two of the
> logical partitions. They can be formated to the standard swap and ext2
> filesystems (you're not required to use umsdos or anything like that).

Not really surprising.. can you check if it is possible to put that
primary partition after the extended partition or if it has to be in
front of the disk?

I'm also curious what exactly enforces this.. is it a new MBR they are
using? Or does the win2k bootloader (ie the second stage) need this?
(which would be silly and would indicate a deliberate effort to make
things difficult for other OS'es)


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