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Re: base2_2 on Atari

On 30 Oct 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > > Hm - please forward to debian-boot, I have no interest in pkgsel :)
> > 
> > To whoever it may concern at debian-boot: the above error happens on
> > selecting either package list, task list or custom in the initial install
> > profile selection after first booting from disk. Or on pretty much any
> > action in pkgsel, for that matter.
> Isn't pkgsel the old profile/task selection mechanism?

Possible - it's what I know from 2.1 (so I immediately saved it from a
second console). I had no idea there is something new. 
> We're still looking for someone to write the GUI for profile/task
> selection.  It should look for task-* packages.

GUI? We are talking slow m68k here. Does this mean there is no
profile/task selection right now? 

Anyway, I'm not doing boot-floppies (no fast m68k, no big disk, no time).
Just reporting a bug the inofficial way. 


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