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No help .. Was what are 3 drv disks?

Today appeared on the mirror a install.html file with the same date 
of the binaries, unfortunately this one say the you have to choose 
one of the drv disks, but i was not able to find any indication on the 
content of the disks ...
Whese is this listing ?
(We will have an install fest next saturday, so the thing is quite 
urgent ...)
On 30 Oct 99, at 15:50, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> "Leonardo Boselli" <leo@dicea.unifi.it> writes:
> > In the istructions you say to use a dr1440 disk ...
> > unfortunately in current release the disk have suddenly grown to 3
> > what do are they for 
> Yes -- well, the drivers disk has kernel modules.  They don't fit on
> one disk anymore.
> > since in the documentation (dated 16/10 
> > while the files are from 20/10) does not explain anything ?
> Yes, well, the installation manual for potato is lagging a bit.  We're
> trying harder to stabilize the system itself.  Documentation will
> follow later.

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