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Bug#45694: Bug#47225: MVME162FX Rescue Disc Boot fails


> I figured the boot disk was not according to Hoyle when I read
> more of your previous Email.  Had a chance to fiddle around last night and
> I'm suspecting  the boot process.  The image on the CD, the image at the
> debian server, and the image on the floppy are all identical.  SCSI
> have always been weird on these machines and I suspect that is where my
> grief -- the format is not right.  I've been creating the floppies on my
> and/or a PowerStack running AIX.  Identical results. Grumble grumble
> Regarding 45694, I understand what you're saying its just I haven't a clue
> how to adjust the workspace without recompiling Bug source.  You mentioned
> you had a 167 set appropriately.  Could you send the env settings
> from it -- perhaps I can glean it from there.  Boards I've been using have
> been set to factory defaults.

The address of the Bug workspace RAM is configured with a jumper refer to:
http://www.mcg.mot.com/literature/PDFLibrary/PDF/162bug.pdf page 1-7 for
more info.


Nick Holgate <holgate@debian.org>
PGP key from public servers : Key ID DF3E8223

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