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Re: Essential bloat [was: Debian on CDROM]

* "Craig" == Craig H Block <pdxsj@pacbell.net> wrote:

Craig> 5 years is a really long time in computer years.  I am
Craig> surprised that anyone would willingly use hardware that old.

Who said something about "willingly"? Here at the university, we
_have_ to use such hardware (486/33 8MB as "workstations"). No money
for new stuff.

No CDROM btw. We do have a 10MB LAN though.

Craig> I can go to my local computer recylcer and buy a Pentium 133
Craig> system with a CD drive for less than 100 dollars U.S.

There are no such shops here.

Craig> Why should anyone expect the boot-floppies group to support
Craig> installations solely from floppy when there are much better
Craig> methods readily available.

We are talking about installation of the base system via floppy. And
as someone working on the boot-floppies, I can assure you that I will
eventually need to use this method myself.

Craig> I'm looking forward to when floppy support is discontinued in
Craig> lieu of bootable CD's.  This will remove the stifling
Craig> constraints on the image

No. If people want to work on a boot method (for 2.3) that uses a
differnet installation method (graphical, needing more space,
whatever) aside of the options so far, then I am all for it. It can be
a completely different, maybe easier method.

BTW: I am looking forward to the announced live-fs stuff.

Craig> sizes.  After that, you will just download an ISO image file
Craig> and burn a CD with it.

Did I mentioned, that I don't have a CD writer?


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