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i386 Boot Images - Build 2, Oct 12

I gave the new images for i386 a whirl today.  I would have done it
earlier but I failed to track down a drivers.tgz file and had a bit of a
time rolling my own.

Things went very well and looks like nothing but improvements.  As
usual, I created a boot CD using resc2880.bin (downloaded) base2_2.tgz
(downloaded) and drivers.tgz (built from the source).  But keep in mind,
for my configuration I am bypassing most of the configuration from the
boot floppies by saying "no" to the questions and doing it from a script
which sets selections, runs apt-get, replaces config files with
preconfigured ones, installs a custom kernel, etc.  Sorry I don't have
time to give things a real workout.  

The installation seemed to handle the pcmcia package well and
uninstalled it properly after prompting me.  

I did not run into any dependancy problems.  

Things are really looking good for me with this build.  I have only the
following issues;

Timezones don't work right.  The system clock is always -8 hours from
the correct time after specifying "no" to "use GMT" with the US/Pacific
timezone.  I normally run with the BIOS clock and system clock in sync. 
It then updates the CMOS clock to the wrong time.

Still a couple small errors only when initially loading modules, but a
great improvment from before.  I can't say what they are because they
just flash.

Last and least, these are appearance issues;  the cursor in the
installation menus looks really bad.  Its a blinking askewed line in
upper left field.  Also some text remnants before "reboot the system"

Side note: I do have to set the serial ports up manually.  This is not a
problem for me, but people who are not aware of this will have
problems.  Setserial used to be able to figure out a decent serial
config on its own.  It doesn't seem to do that anymore.

Great job for i386!

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