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Bug#47225: MVME162FX Rescue Disc Boot fails

> PC   =00016002 SR   =2704=TR:OFF_S._7_..Z.
> VBR  =00000000 USP  =00010000 MSP  =00010000 ISP* =00020FF8

It appears from the register dump that "162-Bug" is using the lower 64K of
RAM as its workspace. Can you reconfigure your board to use some other
address outside of the normal DRAM. My MVME167 uses FFE00000-FFE10000.

If that doesn't help could you step through the IPL code by using '162-Bug>
BH 0 50' and trace commands, to see where it gets to (it's not very big).
The IPL code should loop two or three times calling the 162-Bug to read a
bunch of sectors from the disk (which is in fact the loader proper). It will
the jump to this code with a JSR 0x10000 instruction and very shortly after
will output a message to the display, from your bug report I see no mention
of this message so I assume it's not getting that far.


Nick Holgate <holgate@debian.org>
PGP key from public servers : Key ID DF3E8223

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