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Re: Debian installation floppy images

> On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Stephan Schwerzmann wrote:
> >   In addition many of these Installer dialogs are too wide for the
> > Mac's 9" screen: chars get cut off at right and the descriptions are 
> > not fully readable; worse: characters get cut off at left and it 
> > happens to be up to the window column holding of the hilited "menu item"
> > character. One can cope with the install choices only if one
> > knows what one's doing - blindly!
> Perhaps that's why there's a `mac6x11' font in fbcon? :-)

Noooo - the fbcon driver for that font is utterly broken. 

Two short comments: I know nothing about the ASCII art rendering
problems in b/w mode with the Debian 2.1 install set for Mac. Maybe our
user found some old pre-2.0 ramdisk on a Mac68k FTP site. I've done the
2.1 install numerous times (on a SE/30, no less) with no such problems.
Selecting color, however, puts it all in the domain of gambling (not
enough colors to highlight things different).

Second: at least with the 2.1 installer and a printed copy of the
install guide, a few characters missing off the screen should not hurt.
If you insist on using the 6x11 font, everything should fit but beware
of any line editing games. And don't use the random files on the Mac FTP
site, dowload Install.sit from a Debian FTP mirror. 

Side note: I seriously doubt that DiskCopy (4.2) images are identical to 
raw ramdisk images. Last time I checked, there were 20-odd additional
bytes in the DiskCopy image before the ramdisk image started. 


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