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Re: changes in the tree for sparc boot disks

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Last of all, I disabled small libs for sparc it seems not to work :-(  I always
> > get the following message when booting from the newly generated disk:
> Yes, library reduction is disabled for many architectures.
> I assume sparc is splitting boot and root?
> > I'm using egcc 2.91.60-5, binutils and libc6 2.1.2-4 if it
> > matters.
> Hmm.. why not gcc 2.95.2?

Because I cannot install gcc & egcs64 at the same time.  Some conflicts prevent
them to coexist :-(
Nevertheless I will rebuild against gcc later to check whether it still fails.

> I don't know.  I don't see library reduction as a requirement for
> potato.

But rootdisk is growing over 3MB (3200kb at least) for sparc if we don't use it ;(

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