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Possible Document Note

leshooting> it might be worth including a note for people who were as stuck
as I was.  I spent many hours trying to get by the problem.  I followed
this process and the Tecra image booted straight away.  BTW, thanks for the
good work on the document.

NOTE: for 6.6 Troubleshooting the Boot Process

If your system hangs while loading the GNU/Linux kernel from CD, one quick
way around this situation might be to boot off diskette, with a different
image file.  This bootable diskette, if it works, will get you started in
the installation process.

On the install CD, within the /install directory, you will see some other
image files, for example, resc1440tecra.bin.  You can use DOS and
rawrite2.exe to build a bootable diskette from this .bin image.
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