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sparc bootdisks status (was: Re: lost last emails)

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Eric, are you on debian-boot mail list?
> Can you give us a quick status update on how close/far we are on
> building sparc boot-floppies?  Seems like i386 is almost there.  I'm
> just talking about building basic floppies which boot, not fixing all
> the bugs and problems.

I'm starting to build to potato disks.
Utilities built almost well, except I have to remove the following lines from

#include <sys/system.h>
#include <sys/io.h>

As far as I can tell, these includes are not useful for compiling bogl.c.
io.h is only required for bogl-vga16 (i386 specific) and sys/system.h is not in
sparc libc6 package (2.1.2-4).

Instead of commenting them out for sparc, I propose to remove these lines from
bogl.c.  Could you try it on other archictectures ?

I'm now trying to make rescue &co images.
I will send you my results as soon as they are available.
I hope I will do some trial this week.


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