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Re: [Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS <edmundo@rano.demon.co.uk>] boot-floppies init.d/network

>> If this /etc/init.d/network is used with 2.0.xx kernel, I wonder if
>> it may cause some trouble since it has no "route add" command, but I
>> have not tested it yet.

>  Edmund mentioned this too, see elsewhere in this thread.  He
> suggested to change the generated script to handle kernel 2.0.  I'll
> fix netconfig.c tomorrow morning, it'll be in CVS tomorrow evening.

Honestly, boot-floppies themselves don't have to support 2.0 *and* 2.2
kernels; that is, unless one of the ports isn't moving to 2.2 for some

That's not that say that it wouldn't be nice if we did, but I wouldn't
even consider it a normal level bug if we didn't.

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