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Re: sound config

Nils-Erik Svangård <nisse@medio.mh.se> writes:

> My personal experiance with soundcards and linux (not just Debian), is
> that soundcards is very hard to get working the first time. often it
> requires several kernelrecompilations. When you try to choose which things
> to choose from the soundcard menu (when running make menuconfig) you try
> to distinguise which thing that is really relevant to my card. I usually
> fall back to alsa which is a breeze to install, and works beutifully for
> me. now to the point: There shoulnt be that hard to make a menu with
> already preconfigured soundcards (configs taken from functioning systems)
> and when you choose for example AWE64-PnP the program writes the correct
> stuff to the kernel makefile, or the alsa makefile, then describing how to
> use pnpdump to configure pnp (I know that Tom Lee on this list is working
> on a ISA-PnP scanner). and if space allows it could maybe load precompiled
> modules.

Sound is not compiled in with the boot kernel in slink, and potato
will be the same in this respect.

There's no reason, AFAIK, that it couldn't all be compiled as a module
(on all platforms) and some little minisystem be provided to help
configure that.  Of course, this isn't really a debian-specific
problem.  One would hope that we could collaborate with some general
linux folks working on this.

One possible issue is that there has been some talk about how we'll
have a boot-image and then a more standard image that people would
use.  I'm not sure what the status of this discussion is...

Anyhow, the problem of sound should be handled externally to the
boot-floppies, possibliy as a separate package, at least for
development of it.

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