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Re: Installing Debian on Dell PowerEdge 2300 problem

Thanks, I was able to place a 2.2.5 kernel with the aic7xxx driver on
the rescue disk and it boots now.


On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Ian Redfern wrote:

> Your primary SCSI controller is an Adaptec AIC-7890/1 Ultra2 SCSI host adapter;
> your secondary (with the CD) is an Adaptec AIC-7860 Ultra SCSI host adapter
> (according to one of my PowerEdge 2300s running Debian 2.1).
> You need to search the mailing list archives for the aic7xxx SCSI driver and its
> conflict with the wd7000 driver and special command-line flags - people have
> produced special boot disks that work for machines with AIC7890s, as this is an
> ongoing problem.
> Ian Redfern (redferni@logica.com)

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