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Bug#43263: Linux 2.1 of Debian doesn't seem to like me....


On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, [iso-8859-1] Jürg Köchli wrote:

> I'm not sure whether it is a bug or not, let me describe it shortly.
> During installation of debian linux 2.1 I gave the System a username
> and password ( different ones ). After rebooting the machine the
> system refused to accept it.  After the second installation ( harddisc
> partitioning included ) I gave other names to the system, but the
> system still refuses my input.....

I can't say that I know what causes your problems, you don't give out a
lot of details as to what factors might be involved.  Personally, I've
never had or seen this happen.

This is my best guess, I hope it helps you out: 

<Wild Guess Mode>

Are you using a german keyboard?  And did you use an umlaut in the
password or username?  If so, then please try to create a user with only
plain ascii characters during installation.  Does that work better?

</Wild Guess Mode>

Can you log in as root after the installation?  What if you set the user's
password as root and then try to log in again as the user?  Can you create
another user after installation and log in as that user?

Could you please investigate the above issues and post the answers to
43263@bugs.debian.org ?

Good luck,


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