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Bug#41814: continuing problems with Adaptec SCSI during slink install

i tried both rescue disks (non-eata-dma and only-aic7xxx) and in each case the machine locked after resetting the two scsi channels.  here are some of the values from the error page...i didn't copy out the stack or call trace, but if you need them let me know.  a cursory perusal of the page suggests that the values were the same after each lockup, but there may have been some differences that i didn't spot.

cpu: 0
eip: 0010:[<001bcde3>]
eflags: 00010006
eax: 000000ff
ebx: 00000000
ecx: 0024b6ff
edx: 00001cb9
esi: 00000000
edi: ffffffff
ebp: ffffffff
esp: 00099bb0
ds: 0018
es: 0018
fs: 0026
gs: 0018
ss: 0018

process swapper (pid: 1, process nr :1, stackpage = 00099000)

John Cuson

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>>> <discard-all@chiark.greenend.org.uk> 08/18 1:03 AM >>>

There are known problems with the boot-floppies and some Adaptec
cards.  Can you try the kernels or floppy images at
ftp://kalle.csb.ki.se/pub/ and let us know your results?

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