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Re: Disk size solution !?

Onno <ebbin200@tech.nhl.nl> writes:

> I don't know if this has been suggested before
> so don't flame me ;-)

We wouldn't think of it!

> There is a way to format 3" 1.44 floppies to hold
> 1972 Kbyte. This is an 'old' DOS program from 1996 
> and it is -very- compatible with old computers!
> And yes, the source code is afailable.

The problem isn't code.  In fact, superformat supports this as well.
The problem is that large sized floppies are not always going to be
read properly by the BIOS.

Now, granted, we could probably use 1972Kb floppies for the base disks
for i386 anyway and save some floppies there, but frankly, that's just
sugar and not all that important in the grand scheme.

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