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Bug#43116: Sparc boot floppy doesn't eject

Package: boot-floppies

When attempting to boot off of resc1440-2.2.1.bin, the kernel prompts
for a root disk, but does not eject the current floppy.  This results

floppy0: io-port xxxxx in use

and then the kernel panics because it cannot mount the root filesystem.

Ejecting the floppy from boot monitor does not fix the problem.

I replaced the default kernel with one that I cross-compiled from
2.2.10 sources, and everything worked fine.  This seems to indicate
that the problem is with the kernel.

Was the ROOT_DEV specified correctly in the top level Makefile?

The machine in question is an Axil 320 with 64MB RAM, and ROM 2.19

-Eric Weese
 an064@ncf.ca || weese@spacesim.org
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