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Re: [RFD] install criticisms

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 02:19:28AM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:
> Granted there's probably not much we could have done differently that
> would prevent Bill's problem which turned out to be an onboard serial port
> conflicting with the modem or something like that.  Where to go for
> documentation could have been better of course, and I'd like to believe
> wvdial would probably have had better luck with figuring things out.  When
> we have kernel PnP his problem may go away entirely.

I think this might be the cause:
By default linux has CONFIG_SERIAL_DETECT_IRQ turned off

>From the kernel docs:
This is considered unsafe; it is far better to configure the IRQ in
a boot script using the setserial command.

In potato the bootscript probes for ports using setserial, because
CONFIG_SERIAL_DETECT_IRQ is turned off, it doesn't find the correct IRQs but
uses the defaults. So if you have an internal modem the IRQs are wrong, you
have to manually set them. What is so very unsafe about this option? Would be
nice to have it enabled on the base image kernel.

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