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coordination on boot-floppies devel (was Re: master2files / potato)

>No, dunno about a person working on potato-boot-floppiey besides the
>powerpc people.  Why does no-one tell me such things ... i cannot be
>uptodate on all sides/topics.

I just know it from reading the list.

Martin Babinsky (sp?) is the guy working on this AFAIK.

>I need working boot-floppies to generate working cd-images to do real

>Please, the person who will do this dependency stuff: checkin the stuff into
>the boot-floppies cvs. Real quik.

Well, I can try to do my part, but I'm not involved much in the actual
writing of code.

Enrique, would it be possible to step forward a bit and take a more
active role in coordinating work on the boot-floppies?

If freeze is Nov 1st, we should try to have early alphas ready in mid
sept I would think.  Unless we wanna go thru a freeze again with no

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