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Booting problems!


thank you for reading this message. The first boot for installation of
debian 2.1 fails.
After 'Loading linux ..............' nothing happens, the machine hangs.
I tried several bootdisks (resc1440.bin resc1440-safe.bin
resc1440tecra.bin) and even old bootdisks from a previous debian
version. Also booting from DOS using loadlin doesnt work. Unfortunately
the machine cannot boot from cdrom.

architecture:  486SLC
model:         motherboard TD70AN with AMIBIOS
memory:        16 MB RAM
harddisk:      2 harddisks
cd-rom:        mcd
no network or soundcard

Its tempting to think that this is a hardware problem however Slackware
3.5 bootdisks and FreeBSD bootdisks do work. The machine has worked with
Slackware 3.5 for a while without any problems. Wanted to try Debian but

Any advice (or dirty tricks) on how to solve this problem is

Eric Vink

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