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Re: laetos (was ITP: detect (library that provides hardware detection))

In reference to a message from Raphael Hertzog, dated Aug 11:
> Le Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 04:46:15AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:
> > Interesting to see this very interesting library come from Laetos,
> > just moments after reading that Laetos exists.
> Yes, it does come from LaetOS but it's now developed by people who are
> working at MandrakeSoft. They're working on this project for the graphical
> install of Mandrake (a Redhat based distribution) and in particular the
> Lothar project I think. But there have been rumors about a Debian based
> distribution done by MandrakeSoft ...

fwiw (frankly, not very much at the moment) i've also been working on a
hardware detection library. i know of lothar and have been following it's
development. However, my goal has been to come up with a system that is
perhaps more compatible with Debian. Failing that, at least I hope to
provide an alternative for people to choose from.

Details will be showing up at http://detection.on.openprojects.net/ soon
(i.e. when opn is fully back on line). If anyone has any
suggestions/comments on how I should proceed, please let me know. I have
been away for a bit and haven't followed up on all the developments in
Debian recently, though from the archives I've seen some pretty interesting
discussions on configuration management and other projects (boot floppies,
etc) that I hope I can help with more in the coming few months.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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