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Bug#42123: specifying paths within archives at boot time

Adam Di Carlo writes:

> I'm sure you're correct but I'm not quite clear in what you're
> talking about.
> Are you talking about installation from a CD?  Or configuring apt or
> dpkg-ftp in dselect after base installation is complete?  Which
> exact steps do you mean?

My Debian archive is NFS-exported from the host `sfere' and is the
result of copying a bunch of CDs into the directory `/opt/debian'.  So
we have local paths that look like /opt/debian/dists/slink/main/.....

So when asked to MSG_CHOOSE_NFS_ANY_T "Choose NFS filesystem", I typed
in "sfere:/opt/debian".

But the next message was MSG_CHOOSE_PATH_NFS "Please choose the path
inside the mounted NFS filesystem where the Debian archive resides."

My guess was that it wanted me to type "dists/slink" at this point,
but there wasn't anything on the screen that appeared to confirm this;
and it could have meant dists/slink/main, or even just "/" (and ask
for a distribution name later) or something else.

Hope this helps.


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