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Re: Ignoring dependance on "important" packages?

Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:

> Someone said on debian-devel, that he expected from a task package,
> that all dependant packages are removed, if he removes the task
> package. Interesting, and he has a point.

True; but this is a general problem.  If I install the package frob,
which depends on libfrob, then libfrob should be pulled in.  This
currently happens.  But then if I remove frob, libfrob should also be
removed.  This has nothing to do, per se, with tasks.

This is the basis for my objection to hacking on auto-removal to tasks
-- it's a specific and local solution to something which is a general
problem.  Therefore, we're just making work for ourselves w/o really
solving the problem.

> Defining tasks through ordniary packages _is_ a hack.

Yes, but an *elegant* hack.

> It should be left to the frontend, as forming package supersets for
> easier handling is really their task.

I disagree.  It *shouldn't* be left to the front end. It should be
left to the backend dependancy system.  The front end is just the
interface for managing which tasks/profiles the user selected.

> Therefore I hope we will be
> able to place a package in more than one categorie sometime.

You can do that now, with metapackages.  And one metapackage can
depend on another.
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