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questions about state of boot disks

Hi Folks:  I have just joined this list so I apologize if there is
some FAQ I should read before asking questions, but I'm not sure where
to look for one.

I maintain a debian ftp mirror and have a set of my own boot disks for
a package which I have developed for the blind community.  It is a
speech screen review console.  I just released a new version of my
package and wanted to produce some new bootable disks, so I went and
got the kernel sources debian package for 2.2.10.  I took the .config
from that package to insure I would build a kernel which had all of
the standard facilities built-in of a debian kernel.  When I was
finished my kernel was almost 1.1 megabyte.  I bet you can guess where
I am going with this.  With the standard root.bin there is only about
750k available on the rescue disk for a kernel.  So I was wondering if
there are activities afoot to redesign the boot disks or something.  I
have temporarily compiled the kernels without scsi support but that
restricts the installation capabilities.  I also noticed that I got an
error from the rdev.sh script on the resc1440.bin image when I ran it
on my kernels.  It said there was no such device as /dev/ram0.  I was
hoping someone could shed some light on this matter for me.

I thank you very much for any help or suggestions you might be able to
give me.


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