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Bug#39644: Toshiba 1910 doesn't boot

Package: boot-floppies
Version: Debian 2.1 (Original CD's)


Whatever boot-floppy I use from the /install directory
my good ol' Toshiba Notebook 1910 does not boot!
(8MB Ram)

Bevor anything else I get the message:
"Boot failed"

The floppies were created exactly with the command mentioned in 
chapter 5.10.1 of install.txt.

No special hardware installed. (No PC-Cards etc.)

(Same misbeheaviour with SuSE post-5.1 boot-floppies)

It is not a hardware failure, 'cause slackware bootimages do 
work (I.e. slackware 4.0 lowmem.i) and the already installed
version of Linux can read floppies.

Hej, I would really like to keep on using this old, slow and cheap
hardware with the best Linux around! 

Thank you for your efforts!

Detlef Steuer

E-Mail: Detlef.Steuer@gmx.de
Date: 16-Jun-99 Time: 22:01:47

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